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Fun at the Archives

On Tuesday (May14th) we held our final educational event of the year. It was at the National Archives, in Waltham, MA, and it was a stunning success. Professionals from the Archive and Records Center explained a bit about the operation, and then we had two very informative speakers. The first, Jill Snyder talked about the Federal Directive that will reshape document management and archiving for all Federal agencies by the end of this decade. It sounds like a tough job. Next, Jean Nudd talked about and showed some amazing examples of the kind of documents in the permanent collection. After a short break, Brian Codagnone, Associate Curator of The Sports Museum in Boston (at TD Garden) talked about the museum, its collection and kept us laughing with some crazy stories. The Chapter thanks Annie Davis, and the staff of the Archives for welcoming us to their amazing facility and we thank all of our speakers for sharing such interesting content.

While this was the last educational event, we have decided to have a social event in June. Details are not yet established, so check back here, watch your email, follow us on Twitter and / or join us on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, there are some pictures from Tuesday’s event over there (feel free to click that Like button when you land on the main page, we would appreciate it.)

Lineup Changes

Unfortunately, the Chapter and the Horace Mann School have decided to cancel the benefit golf tournament for 2013. This is sad news; especially in light of how successful this event has been over the years and how many years the event has run. This would have been the 18th annual tournament. Unfortunately, this is not a good time to be conducting the fundraising work required to make this benefit a success.

AIIM New Englans is proceeding with our final educational event of the program year – An exploration of archiving and preservation, which will be held on May 14th. Curate, Comply and Enjoy will feature speakers from the National Archives in Waltham (the venue for the event) and a special guest speaker from the Boston Sports Museum – this is going to be fun, and “archive” and “fun” aren’t often used in the same sentence.

We hope to see you at this final event of the season so you can help us close the books on a very successful year. By the way, if you want to help us make the 2013-14 Program even more successful, consider joining us as a speaker!

Curate – Comply and Enjoy

What do you do with records that have to be stored for decades, for 100 years, forever? Who stores stuff like this Where do they store it? What if your “records” are artifacts, and you want to store them This event is sponsored by our friends at OCR Solutionsbut also have people be able to visit and admire them? We’re talking about areas that might be on the fringe of Content Management, but your records might be in the mix, and / or you might very well want to be one of those visitors. Wherever you cross paths with this topic, you can learn more about it in a fun and informative event on May 14th. AIIM New England will be hosting an event on May 14th at The National Archives at Boston in nearby Waltham, MA. We have arranged for a couple of speakers from the Archives and from the Federal Records Center >that is housed in the facility to share some of the features of the center, some of the business that is conducted

This is event is sponsored by our friends at

This is event is sponsored by our friends at

there and some of the ways they manage these important records. Following that discussion, Brian Codagnone, >Associate Curator of The Sports Museum in Boston will be speaking about a variety of topics drawn from his experience with that fun-filled intersection of preservation and entertainment. To register for this event, complete the entry form on Eventbrite