Recap and Relevance

The AIIM New England Chapter is going to meet on Tuesday, May 17th for a two-part discussion stemming from the recently completed AIIM Conference.

Part-1 Recap – Several AIIM NE members were spotted in attendance at the conference. I am hoping that they will attend this meeting and be willing to share their thoughts with those who were unable to attend (or those attendees with different opinions). I think we will agree that this year’s conference was one of the best.

Part-2 Relevance – One of the underlying themes I heard several speakers and panelists mention was the notion that the time has come to make information relevant. This is important! Many of us in the AIIM Tribe have been storing and collecting information for years. Now, we are starting to see opportunities emerge to make this information available to employees and customers when they need it, wherever they are and on the device of their choosing. Even more interesting, is when we can mix those documents with back-end structured data to provide a composite view.

Same Time – Same Table

Our meeting will start at 3:30 and, due to other events scheduled at the hotel, will need to wrap-up around the scheduled time of 5:30. We will gather at the large table in the lounge of the Burlington, MA Marriott.

I hope to see you there, and I look forward to listening to what you have to say.

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Note: You are welcome to attend this event for free. But, if you are able to help the Chapter provide events like this, there is a Contributing Member ticket type. We would be ever so grateful for your support.

Are We Collaborating Yet?

So much is said about collaboration in the workplace. Looking at the technology market, one would guess that we’ve never collaborated before.

It’s hard to accurately count the products and services which claim to aid, support, encourage, enable and secure collaboration. We are also surrounded by vendors and experts who want to slice and dice collaboration into categories of hard and soft, team and group, local and remote or permanent, temporary and ad-hoc. Can’t we just work together? It would seem that the answer is “no!”

On Tuesday, March 15th, the folks at AIIM New England, yourself included, I hope, are going to explore what collaboration means. What kind of help do we really need, what kind of “help” actually gets in the way and how we see collaboration changing (or failing to change, or needing to change) as technology weaves its way into the workplace and our coworkers set up shop, here, there and everywhere.

Join us at this free event on March 15th. Same time, same table.

Free Event on November 17th

AIIM’s mission has always had something to do with making information available to others and to make it easier to access that information. A recent version of the AIIM Mission Statement talks about making information available to people when they need it, wherever they are and to allow it to be consumed on the device they prefer. Or something like that. Of course, AIIM is concerned about managing and controlling that access to balance the costs and the benefits and the dangers of widespread access via remote and mobile devices.

How is this affecting you? How is your company dealing with this? Are things moving fast enough? Too fast? Are there enough controls in place? Do we still need controls? What will information management look like in five years, or three, or one for that matter?

Do you know the answers to any of these questions? Would you like to hear how other people are handling these issues? If so, please join us on Tuesday, November 17th for a discussion around the topic of managing information in the fact of unprecedented change.

We will gather at the community table in the lounge of the Burlington Marriott at 3:30. A little food will be served around 4:15 and beverages will be available throughout the meeting. I hope to see you there.

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TweetJam on #cloudecm – Nov 13, 2-3pm EST

You’re invited to join us for a live discussion on Twitter covering enterprise content management vs. file-sharing services! We’re hosting with our friends and, and we’re featuring experts including:

• Laurence Hart, an information consultant with Word of Pie and former CIO of AIIM International
• Steve Weissman of Holly Group (and our own Prez!)
• Ron Miller, enterprise reporter at TechCrunch
• Lauren Horwitz, executive editor of SearchContentManagement

To take part, simply mark your calendar now for Thursday, Nov. 13, from 2:00 to 3:00 pm Eastern – and then hop on Twitter using the hashtag #cloudecm!

Get proven advice from participants’ years of experience in solving the information challenges organizations face when working with file sharing vs. enterprise content management systems.

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